Momomiya Ichigo (pink_mewmew) wrote,
Momomiya Ichigo

-Voice 4-


Tell me this isn't routine, please? [Masha chirps loudly, almost sounding as though he's frightened]
Of all the days I can't transform, why...?
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Those would be chimeras. They, uh, suck. They'll also sort of totally kill you, so you might wanna just say inside for now if you're not armed.
C-chimeras? I thought those were only in fairy tales or something?!

What?! I can't just stay inside; I gotta help somehow!
If only I could transform... Dammit!
The last time I tried to help when I was unarmed, I almost broke my arm!

And, you'll figure out that weird things are all over this place. Weird bug things that take your heart, chimera, dinosaurs.. you name it, we've more than likely got it!
Yeah, but-- [Masha starts chirping, saying "Don't go!" repeatedly. Ichigo sighs]

You've gotta be kidding me? And I thought those frikken' aliens were weird.
...How big are the dinosaurs?
They haven't been around for a while--I've never actually sen the ones here, I just know they exist from what people tell me. Back home, though, they range from two to fifty feet tall!
The thought of dinosaurs scares me anyways.

Woah, wa-wait a second! You have dinosaurs from where you come from at present time?!

[OOC: Spazz-tastic Ichigo is spazz-tastic atm. She's also a bit upset about not being able to help, so forgive her about the questions and the screaming...]
I don't know what's so weird about it.. I mean, they don't hang out in the city, of course--they'd mes up all the cars and skyscrapers that way.

[ooc: It's allll good. ;D Bulma's usually like that too, but she just realized she's not th only one in trouble now, haha~.]
Leave them to me!

Finally, a little mayhem! Good work Slave!

Be careful!
Heheh, don't worry! Nothing like this could bring me down, and I have an Evil King on my side!
I-Ichigo, are you okay? You're not hurt, are you?

I think... something like this happened before, but... It's never been this bad.
Nill! Thank goodness, everyone's been going around saying you died a while ago.
I should be asking you the same thing, but yeah I'm okay. I'm stuck in the apartments at the moment, though. It stinks; I can't even help...

...Seriously? Oh man, I really wish there was something I could do...
... I'm all right now. Please don't worry, Ichigo.

You're still in Latimir? I was able to get to the high school in time before everything started... There are a few others here with me, and I can hear something outside, but... I'm okay.

You just stay safe, Ichigo. I think it is too dangerous to be outside right now.
I... have a feeling that wasn't a subject I was supposed to bring up.

Yeah. I woke up a couple of hours ago when I heard this really loud roar coming from somewhere, so I never got the chance to escape.

I will, and the same to you Nill: stay safe.

[OOC: Strikes=GONE]
I wish I could say that but...
[A pause]
...We have to deal with this anyways, huh?
Pretty much, yeah.

Have I gotten you name yet?

No, I don't think so; I don't think we even met until now. My name's Ichigo.
Nice to meet you. I'm Mona Lisa.
Same here, Mona-senpai!
Is it okay if I call you that? I don't wanna be rude or anything...
Sure, I don't mind.

But what does "-senpai" mean?
"-senpai" is an honorific we Japanese use to refer to someone who is older and more educated than we are.
Oh! I guess that makes sense, yeah.