Momomiya Ichigo (pink_mewmew) wrote,
Momomiya Ichigo

-Voice 8-

[Transmission active]

Aah! It feels so good to be in something other than my uniform! At least Mom won't complain about me getting it dirty if I get home. Thank goodness its my favorite turtleneck too-- Ahh! Masha, stop that! 

[sighs] Those two are just never going to get along... Alright, lesse what we got here... PJs, hairbrush and ribbons, orange jacket-and-shirt combo, some kapris... [A pop]



[A shriek, then an annoyed whimper] After so long without them... Man, why?! Way to ruin someone's day, you stupid--

[Transmission abruptly cut]

[OOC= lol ears are out. >D]
Tags: ears are out, event, oh god oh god oh god, sheeeit, wtf
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Woah, you got cat ears? Lucky!
Y-Y-YOU SAW THEM?! You weren't supposed to see them!
Well at least you didn't get a fly's head! Come on!
Yeah, but I can't just go around strutin' these ears in public, or else Ryou will--

...Wait. Since when did you get a fly's head?
Since I drank the water that gave everybody animal parts, duh.

. . . isn't that what happened to you too?
Huh? The water?

I remember snagging a sip when I was helping Urataros-san make his coffee, but...
So my ears are from the... water, and not from...
...I am going to kill someone.
Are you a real cat person?

It's okay, my best friend is an alien, so you can be a cat person and I won't mind.
Well, I guess you could say that... Just don't tell anyone, please?

Really? That's pretty cool, even though I've had some pretty bad experiences with aliens...
Ah! [dodges Masha again] Mou... Hmm? Ichigo-chan, you have... cat ears.
[shrieks and swiftly covers her ears] ...

You. Saw. Nothing. Understand?
[blinks and lies back in bed, raising a hand to keep Masha from trying to attack him]

A-ah, I suppose... But, Ichigo-chan... [points to his red fox ears and tail] It's not all that bad compared to these, is it? I think they make you all the more cute. ♥
[pauses and turns away while attempting to stifle a laugh] Th-they're bad. 'Specially if you had them for almost half a year, they're bad... EEP! [slaps a hand over her mouth]
....Oh-houu? So you've had cat ears longer than just now? [tilts head to the side, grinning] There are many things I do not know about you, it seems.
Eh heh heh... ugh... [squats down, bringing her head to her knees] Ryou-san's gonna kill me...
Ryou? [thinks of Ryotarou, but decides it can't be the same person] Maa, maa. I can keep a secret, Ichigo-chan. Besides, we all come from different worlds... Fish from different ponds do not share the same secrets.
[Stands up and flops onto the bed, curling into a fetal position. Stays silent after Urataros finishes speaking.] ...Ryou-san's one of the guys that I work for, at the cafe.

[Curls a strand of hair with her finger, letting out a mew] I guess... you could say that he's also the guy responsible for my cat ears.


9 years ago


9 years ago


9 years ago

You got stuff from the "item rain" too?

And are you okay over there?
Yep! Some spare clothes, my PJs, a hairbrush, and extra hair ribbons. I'm glad too; my mom get's pretty upset if I get my uniform dirty.

And yeah, e-everything's cool!
... Is it bad for a cat and a fox to be in the same room?
Wow, all that? I'm glad for you!

Probably. Both of them are territorial animals...
Hee! Thanks, Mona-senpai!

...Great. Looks like there's going to be some problems here.
Don't mention it!

What do you mean?
It's... kind of a long story. You see, Urataros-san has fox ears, and I have my cat ears out, and we're kind of sleeping in the same apartment together...

Oh God, please don't get the wrong idea Mona-senpai! I'm just trying to make sure that Urataros-san recovers completely!
Oh, I already knew about Urataros but... You have cat ears now? They must look cute!

Hey, I didn't even think anything like that! Believe me.