Momomiya Ichigo (pink_mewmew) wrote,
Momomiya Ichigo

[Accidental Voice]

[Transmission active]

--una, trout, tilapia, bass, carp, shark, anchovies, pike, swordfish, salmon, codfish, halibut, monkfish...

[faint rustling] Nyaa~! I'm sooo hungryy--

[Transmission abruptly cut]

[OOC: Beware to anyone that's part-fish >8D]
Tags: here fishy fishy, huuuuuuuungry, kitty mode activate!
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It could be worse.

At least the smell of decomposing flesh doesn't feel appetizing to you.

[A low, disapproving hiss]
Not you too!
Fishy, fishy.
I wa-ant fishy... ~♪

Nothing, never mind!

((umi's part fish xD))

[OOC: I know. Wouldn't it be hell if those two met face-to-face XD]
Yeah! Okay! Everything's okay.

((it would be HILARIOUS. xDDD))
You eat the fish?
I want to eat some fish.
Nyaa~ It's been a long time since I had some...
Too bad all the ones at the market are rotten...
[A low meow] Bleaugh... I'm just about ready to go to the lake right about now.

I want some fresh fish!
Fresh fish would be kind of nice...
Yeah. Me and Urataros-san are heading down to the lake to see if we can catch some.

If you want, you can come-with?
Sure, I don't mind.

I'll be able to keep an eye on Umi.
*Lets out a purr/meow, sounding more like a kitten then a cat.*
I could go for some carp, myself...