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Mew Ichigo

"Mew mew Style, Mew mew Grace, Mew mew Power in your face!"

Momomiya Ichigo
15 March

Name: (Last name first) Momomiya Ichigo
D.o.B: March 15
Age: 13
Sex: Female
Ethnicity: Asian
Height: 152 cm.
Weight: 42 kg.
Hair Clr.: Burgundy/Rose
Eye Clr.: Brown/Pink
Homeland: Tokyo, Japan
Relatives: Momomiya Shintaro (Father), Momomiya Sakura (Mother)
Occupation: Waitress at Café Mew Mew

Bio: Ichigo was just a normal preteen girl who was on a date with Aoyama Masaya until her DNA is mysteriously merged with the DNA of an Iriomote Wildcat. Now she is the "leader" of a group of girls, whose DNA were also merged with that of an endangered species, called Tokyo Mew Mew. The Mew Mews have to save the world from Chimera Animas, the aliens, and the alien leader, Deep Blue. Originally, Ichigo wants nothing to do with the "Mew Project", instead wishing to simply spend time with her crush, Masaya. Later, she grudgingly accepts her fate, realizing what she is – a Mew Mew – and the importance of the task assigned to her.

(Info taken from Wikipedia)
Relationships (In Discedo)
-Urataros (uratarosu): One of the first few friendly faces she talked to. She finds him trustworthy enough and enjoys talking to him. Met him face-to-face when he was ambushed by Sniffer Dogs and Buzzbombers. Although, after the incident with his comm that unlocked all private entries since the day the comms malfunctioned, she's been a little skeptical around him.

-Hayner (camo_shoes): One of the first few friendly faces she talked to. He gave her directions to Latimir, and she is very grateful for his assistance. Met him face-to-face when he got rid of a pack of Sniffer Dogs that ganged up on her.

<-Nill (heinesangel): She and Ichigo have beem talking on the comm from time-to-time, and Ichigo has grown to like her. Met her face-to-face when Ichigo first arrived in the Latimir Apts.

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