Momomiya Ichigo (pink_mewmew) wrote,
Momomiya Ichigo

-Voice 5-

 [Transmission active. Faint sniffling can be heard, along with chirping from Masha]

D-don't worry Masha, 'm fine... I just-- [A sob]

It just-- isn't fair. So many people out there, and I can't to a damn thing! [The sound of Ichigo punching the wall is heard. Masha chirps loudly.]


Please, everyone-- don't die. For God's sake, don't die.

[more sniffling and another sob]
...I need a nap. G'night everyone, and be careful please...

[A pause. Sobs get more intense before transmission is cut.]

[OOC: "PMSing" Ichigo is "PMSing" atm. She won't be responding to anything this entry, since she'll be either crying her eyes out, busy punching walls, or sleeping.]
Tags: event, need some sleep, pms?, the hell's wrong with me
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