Momomiya Ichigo (pink_mewmew) wrote,
Momomiya Ichigo

-Voice 8-

[Transmission active]

Aah! It feels so good to be in something other than my uniform! At least Mom won't complain about me getting it dirty if I get home. Thank goodness its my favorite turtleneck too-- Ahh! Masha, stop that! 

[sighs] Those two are just never going to get along... Alright, lesse what we got here... PJs, hairbrush and ribbons, orange jacket-and-shirt combo, some kapris... [A pop]



[A shriek, then an annoyed whimper] After so long without them... Man, why?! Way to ruin someone's day, you stupid--

[Transmission abruptly cut]

[OOC= lol ears are out. >D]
Tags: ears are out, event, oh god oh god oh god, sheeeit, wtf
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